John Bull Pub Restaurant & Bar

Brief history of John Bull Pubs:
In 1990, the first elegant John Bull Pub opened its doors in Budapest. Its target group were businessmen and foreign, more conventional tourists. It was characterized by Victorian interiors, leather sofas, carpet flooring, mahogany table, heavy velvet drapes and decoration made of copper, and, of course, this was combined with tasty English beers.

After the success of the first John Bull Pub an idea came to the owners’ mind that the Pub could be developed into a chain of pubs.  Currently the franchise system consists of thirteen units, of which six are located in Budapest and seven others can be found in provincial cities, for instance in Debrecen - as the restaurant of Hotel Óbester****.  In the pubs the know-how and design are the same, the equipment is designed by English professionals and it is entirely imported from the island country. As a result of the Hungarian initiative, the John Bull Pub chain has spread for the first time in Hungary, and since that time it has appeared also in Poland, Germany, France, Denmark and Thailand.


There are several reasons for the domestic success of Irish-style pubs. The most important is their family atmosphere. The basic raw material is wood in all its shades. The grids of the small windows are made of wood, as well, such as the entire interior. No proliferation or unnecessary decoration. The family atmosphere is inherent in a rather casual relationship between the guest and the host. In most of the places entertainment is informal and no one looks askance if in the special mood the guests just feel like dancing on the table. The most important thing is to take it easy. If the guests are happy, the host will be happy, too. (Source: ‘Little Hungarian History of Pubs’, Népszabadság)

John Bull Pub
4026 Debrecen, Péterfia u. 49. (Hotel Óbester****)
Opening hours:
On every day of the week: from 07.00 to 23.00.



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