NEW! Service: MA-URI massage

A new service offered by Hotel Óbester**** is the MA-URI massage, performed with special dance moves.

MA-URI massage is a complete and highly developed healing system, which is closely related to the ancient Polynesian philosophy of Huna, in the centre of which there is a creative and flexible approach to life, personal development and healing. The ancient knowledge, wisdom and holistic healing system of the Polynesian people - which has been brought to the islands several thousands of years ago by people from the stars, according to the legend - was unified by Hemi and Katja Fox who developed it further according to the requirements of our modern age.
The price of the Ma-Uri massage is: HUF 10.000/1.5 hours.
You can check in at the reception desk of the hotel, respectively, at the following phone number: 0620/449-49-49


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