You can select from a range of special massage types during your stay in our hotel or as an external guest:

Massage price list

Ma-Uri massage (90 minutes) 8.500.- Huf
Swedish massage (60 minutes) 6.500.- Huf
Swedish massage (30 minutes) 3.500.- Huf
Lymphatic massage (60-90 minutes) 6.500.- Huf
Ear acupuncture treatment 5.500.- Huf
Bach flower therapy 5.500.- Huf
Aromatherapy massage (60 minutes) 6.800.- Huf
Aromatherapy massage (30 minutes) 3.800.- Huf
Refreshing foot massage (30 minutes) 3.500.- Huf
Refreshing foot massage (60 minutes) 6.500.- Huf
Soul massage (60 minutes) 7.900.- Huf
Lomi Lomi massage (90 minutes) 9.500.- Huf
Synchronized massage (40 minutes) 6.500.- Huf
Indian (Ayurvedic) full body massage 7.900.- Huf
Indian (Ayurvedic) head massage 5.500.- Huf
Indian (Ayurvedic) back massage 4.500.- Huf
Indian (Ayurvedic) sole massage 4.500.- Huf

You can book your date of arrival at the below contact details!

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