Taste the world of Hussars and be one of our guests!

For your family and business events we offer a unique environment and excellent organisation, for a group of guests between 30 and 200 persons.

Starting from lunches or dinners for the occasion of baptism, banquets or proms through the celebration of graduation by the family and friends or bachelorette or bachelor parties to weddings or celebrations of retirement, we fulfil all your needs with assorted meals and programs, accompanied with elegant decoration suitable for the occasion.

We are ready to prepare your business events, as well. We make out complete technical equipment available to you and we adapt to your individual needs, as well. We offer you 5 diverse locations for making your event successful and joyful:

Our special cellar, the Knights’ Hall is able to provide an unforgettable experience of historic atmosphere - combined with dining - for up to 120 persons. The combination of the cold, hard Gothic stone ceiling and the warm, softer wooden desk and furniture represents the just rigor and people-loving hearth, the characteristics of King Matthias. During its establishment our goal was to combine historical authenticity and modern practicality, and we are delighted that the popularity of the Knights’ Hall also justifies its success.

In the Knights’ Hall we organize weddings, conferences, business and private community events, which are fully managed by us. Catering is our main strength: our own, excellent cuisine and professional staff is prepared for any situation to make your family events unforgettable and your business events successful and fruitful. We contribute to this with the technical equipment of our own asset base: we release a projector, screen, sound system and flipchart to your, your colleagues’ and your business partners’ disposal.

Simonyi terem Hotel ÓbesterYour business goals are supported in our superbly equipped events halls by our business services: projector + screen, sound system, WiFi connection and flipchart is available to you, as well. Simonyi hall, suitable for up to 30 persons serves as the perfect and impressive venue for organizing conferences, team building trainings, educational events, presentations, meetings and other events. The Simonyi Room’s milieu of the beginning of the last century helps the group - focusing on the given topic - in abstraction. The bright and pastel colour pairs of the light room provide an inspiring environment, thereby supporting thinking together and problem-solving.

Simonyi Room is an air-conditioned room suitable for the organization of smaller conferences, which has a capacity of 50 persons in theatre-style arrangement or 30 persons with a table layout. Furthermore, in combination with our Cigar Room, it is suitable for another 20 persons.

The Cigar Room reminds us the mysterious meeting room of the old elite, closed from ordinary people. Its exclusive chocolate brown leather sofa and prestigious Tiffany-style windows with decorated glasses still represent unmatched elegance. Its sculptures and paintings were placed in the typical style of the era, in order to get the most authentic experience possible during your travel to the era of Hussars. The Cigar Room can be an excellent venue for a business meeting or it can be rented for bachelorette parties, bachelor parties and other smaller events.

Our selected chefs await you by unique dishes, designed by them if you want a true culinary experience. In our prestigious restaurant we await you with excellent cuisine for a family, respectively, business lunch or dinner.

In John Bull Pub, we achieve the comfortable luxury effect by using upholstery of contemporary style. There is a floor carpet on 100% of the Pub floor, and the feeling of space is made prestigious by heavy curtains and upholstered chairs. This effect was increased by dark-stained, carved, robust wooden columns and partition walls up until the coffered ceiling. As a piquant, modern spice, we lifter the wooden partition walls with sandblasted, labelled glass incorporated into brass tube, in order to keep the intimacy between the tables. After all, this is the place where our cherished guests talk and dine. And what do they consume?

For example, you can try the Hussar soup, which is a masterful combination of ox tail, bone marrow dumplings, vegetables, farina dumplings and grated horseradish. As an appetizer, apple-walnut chicken breast is consumed with basil oil, mozzarella balls, and if they wish to taste some fish, they can continue with skewers prepared with salmon, catfish and pike perch on grilled vegetable straw with orange and capers. Finally, the aforesaid is crowned with Óbester pancakes, as the dessert. Take a look at our menu and visit us to taste your choice! You will not be disappointed with our excellent cooks’ cooking, you can only gain high-quality culinary experiences!

kerthelyiség hotel óbesterOur spacious Garden for 200 people decorated with flowers is perfectly suitable for organizing larger-scale business or family events or weddings. We await you with comfortable bentwood chairs, a nicely shaded and paved courtyard, in the company of pink oleanders for a pleasant and professionally prepared event, be it a large wedding or a smaller, friendly garden party on a summer night. We ensure the high quality of the elegant soirée by delicious dishes, pleasant, quiet music, a tasteful decoration suitable for the occasion and all the other necessary accessories.

As you can see, we thought of everything you could possible need for the success of events meaning a milestone in your life and career.

Try out Hotel Óbester and we will do our best to make your travel back into the era of Hussars magic and unforgettable, so that you would like to experience it again as our returning guest!

We are looking forward to your inquiry! Write us: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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